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What do you guys use on the birds head to bring out the red in the birds face and make them pop? What about their feet? Any spray on the bird?

I am wanting to get this going so some newer people can learn....

So lets get some discussion going.!


  • Red lip stick works good.
  • HaHa, I use a little glycerin mixed with achol on the face, no sprays! I never used them I was afraid the spray would cause dust to stick to feathers.
  • A Jr at the show in Haynesville was showing me one of his BBs and asking what causes white wing tips, his dad had use a permanent marker on the bird. This isn't recommended!!! Way to train up a child DAD!!
  • Try witch hazel.
  • Shane you can go to a local livestock(4-h/FFA) and watch parents use all kinds of stuff on their children's animals.
  • What is that Lee, and what's it for?
  • Yea Shane that is a no no! But other livestock uses spray paint like its going out of style. I know we always had cans of black and white spray paint in the show box for our cattle. That is just part of fitting though in that world... But in the chickens it is very frowned upon! haha
  • Witch Hazel is a skin astringent. Similar to rubbing alcohol. Women may use it for cleaning make up off there face, use it on insect bites or minor cuts, it's also the main ingredient in those round Tucks pads used for hemorrhoids. I always used it on the face and also for cleaning legs and feet. Makes the face bright red and unlike using vetx it's not oil based so dust etc. that may be in wood shavings wont stick to the birds face or legs. You can find it at any drug store or Wal Mart by the rubbing alcohol. Also if I make it to Shawnee I'll look you up.
  • Hope to see you there! I've heard that vetrex burns the skin, does the W H?
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    I use alcohol and glycerin
    And tummy butter on legs and beaks
  • We use a secret formula. I cant say what cause it helps alot. Will turn heads red in no time, even white lobes and all. Ive tried that bubbling toilet cleaner for feet, seems to help. The bubbling gets between the scales
  • No witch hazel won't hurt the bird. This stuff won't do any good if your bird is pale faced due to being full of worms or lacking vit. B-12 and or iron etc. but if it's face is for the most part red it will bring it out. When I was 16 or 17 years old I watch an old cocker using it and I had used it since then.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I saw some guys at Haynesville chasing a bbred through some rose bushes and by the time they got him caught... his head was pretty red? :)
  • good info there Lee! Thanks for sharing that with us!
  • what rate do you guys mix the alcohol and glycerin?
  • I have been thinking about trying EMU OIL . I know several guys you have used that and really like it!
  • I use soap and water.
  • Blueman you talking about their feet?
  • Ernie was it the guys chasing or the bird that had the red head lol.
  • Lol Not sure which was redder, mine or the birds!!!
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