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I wanted to start this tread about splash.

How many people think this is a good idea of what the standard says about the color.
3264 x 1836 - 2M


  • Good view of back color
    3264 x 1836 - 2M
  • Josh, I haven't looked at the standard in a while but seem to recall splash call for red eyes. Her eyes look brown in the picture. Otherwise she looks like a nice bird.
  • The standard says reddish bay.. her eyes are a bit dark
  • I think you guys have it right her color is good and the eyes are dark. Is she from a splash to splash mating? As far as color how do you guys feel about lacing on a splash? I know when breeding for blues you want it but the standard makes no mention of lacing...
  • She is out of a splash male to a blue female that came out of splash.. rest of the splashes I got are out of a splash to splash mating. I will post some pics of them this weekend... I personally don't think splash should of lacing but I'm no expert on them..
  • I'm definitely not an expert either I pulled out the standard before I post because I couldn't remember. The only splash I have ever shown were out of blues that had really good type.. I never focused on their color other than for breeding blues. Maybe someone with more knowledge can help us out and I'll be looking for the pictures.
  • We raised our best Splash males from a Splash male over light Blue females. In fact, all the Splashes from this kind of mating are show birds. The Blue females from this mating are good to breed from. All the Blue males from this mating are culls. Brassy hackles. We took the same Blue females and crossed them with Black males and raise some nice Blue females.
  • A lot of people think my splash are dark and they are out of blue mating. Me personally don't want a dirty white bird but I think it's a matter of opinion. so first thing that matters is type if you ant got then color don't matter.
  • The problem I see with Splashes from Blue matings are black feathers and brassiness. As Dad always says that would be two extra colors on basically a two color bird for a total of four colors. But we don't raise or show them any more so it is not my battle lol.
  • preacherrustypreacherrusty eastern NC
    edited July 2017
    That's a good point about the brassy color
  • Young cockerel
    1294 x 988 - 356K
    1209 x 1269 - 485K
  • edited May 2017
    Nice birds
  • Same splash cockerel just a little older
    3363 x 2706 - 2M
    2840 x 2575 - 2M
  • Nice bird good type and color. send me a message I got another phone and lost all contacts.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    Nice bird bowbender... I meant junky, junky bird, when can I pick him up?
  • Thanks guys and the pictures I have seen clink. You look like me with birds running out of your ears!
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    lol, they'll be thinning out quick though, I have a lot of feed burners out there
  • Same here I need the cull man to come see me lol
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    You have a cull man? I need one of those too, lol
  • Lol anyone that buys my birds is a cull man
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