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What is everyone using these days? Why are you using it? When are you using it? This is a good topic that could help us all learn something

I use a product made by AgriLabs called "Vitamins & Electrolytes plus". I use it during the hot summer months, in the brooders, and during show season and at shows. I feel it helps birds maintain a constant level of energy during the stressful times of the year. An old gamefowl breeder used this for all 2000 plus birds about 2 times a week and swore by it.

I have also used red cell in the water and feed to give them some added vitamins and minerals. I am not sure if I like it on the feed as much as I do the water... What do you guys think?

I also use Manna Pro's Kickin Chicken and cod liver oil for young birds in their last stages of putting on adult feathers as well as older birds in the molt.

Lets hear from some others...


  • Vitamin b-12 at shows. Dyramycin if their sick or expecting a deep change in temps, electrolytes before dubbing
  • do you use injectable vitamin b-12?
  • Not sure but I think B-12 inj. is now only available with a prescription from a vet. Use red cell and fish oil to top dress feed. Vit. and elec. is good mixed in water, it helps to balance your birds moisture intake.
  • Thats only on my whites. Blacks get nothing. They have the genetics i want them to. Survival of the fittest.
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