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What do you guys always keep on hand for your birds

What kind of thing do you guys always have on hand for your birds things like medication and emergency items?


  • Tylan 50, Ivomec, a water soluble antibiotic, penicillin, syringes, Redcell, Oxine (disinfectant), malithion, rat poison, fingernail clipper, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. a spray mist bottle, a sharp scissor of medium size.
  • Sharp hatchet.
  • Lonnie. My bowie knife works real well also. Got enough weight behind it to swing.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    If I get a bird that looks sickly...Which I very rarely have had. I dispose of it unless it might be something minor from worms lice mites or the like which i try to prevent . Spray for lice and mites.... mice and rat poison. A 22 rifle comes in handy for the sparrows and some of the other varmints....I keep my pens cleaned regularly and make sure they have clean fresh water and fed a good diet. I like to individually handle and inspect my birds on a regular basis ..It keeps them tame and keeps me on top of things that might hinder there health and wellbeing such as mites ect....
  • Lol money that's a good one. Thanks guys I will start keeping those things around. Thanks for the help
  • Keep Frontline handy for mite control. I also always keep Corid around for rearing the young birds.
  • I keep phone close for easy access to this site for help
  • Barry, I heard that the fed. government is pulling Corid from availability. Anyone have any information? glen
  • Hello Glen,
    Its my understanding that the manufacturer had to recall a batch and that has made it hard to find but I don't think that Corid will be taken off the market. I just recently bought a bag of the powdered Amprollium and will use it next year since it goes farther and is cheaper.
  • 2 sticks of firewood. LAy his head on one and slam the other down.
  • Done the same thing with mine Shane. I went from 48 to 17 cockerels and plan to cull again soon. It does get harder each time though. Defects are eliminated first and then the picking gets more difficult. Since I don't sell many birds, culling becomes very important.
  • I don't believe we are in any danger of corrid being taken off the market. It would be extremely detrimental to hog and cattle business so few worries there as most cattle production is not based on large corporate farms. Finishing might be but production still lies with individuals
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    Money is a good one
  • Hey boone, I tried keeping money around but can't seem to accomplish it. It goes out quick as it comes in.
  • Normally theres to much month at the end of the money
  • Frontline, Corid and a mini ball bat
  • Good things to have around roosterman!
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