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correct termonology

Almost everyday I see someone on FB pages getting corrected on how to use correct terms, example: Dubbing, if someone was to use a different term "trim" or "trimming" they get blasted for not using the correct term, another example a big one is "cockerel" for a young male not fully grown. Myself I say "stag" and I was raised to say stag an if you fell me I'm wrong then please know I have been around game roosters my entire life 25 years as was my dad and my papa who got into game roosters when he was 11, so please take into consideration that not everyone is raised the same an note some are new to this be polite an respectful if you must and have to correct them.


  • I too raised gamecocks and still use the terms the cockers would use. I use the word "trim" instead of dubb and "stag" to describe a young male, the word "cockerel" just sounds like something nasty to me lol.
  • I completely understand that , I have to catch myself when talking or typing about the different breeds ,I certainly understand when folks use the terms they say. It just lets me know their background, lol
  • Ok I just told a lie, oops. I use the bantam terms around those who keep bantams and cockers terms around those who keep gamecocks, I guess I'm a universal term guy lol.
  • I find myself still using cocker terms and have to correct myself often i started with biggames when i was 13 i didnt have any family with them or friends with them but the first time i saw them i was hooked
  • Terms like stag and trim are all acceptable to me because we know what the person means. We have both bantams and gamecocks around here at home and I associate with both groups so I also have to be flexable in my terminology. There are some terms that can be confusing when you cross over sometimes. A good example of this is the term single mate. To a cocker that means the mating of a pair one on one. To an exhibition poultryman it means one mating that produces good show specimens of both sexes. So you can see where in that case some confusion can occur. Lots of words in gamechicken world that not used in bantam world. Had a few bantam people scratch there heads when I told them I occasionnally put my bantams on the grass in drop pens. They had to ask what that was.LOL
  • gilbertaron08gilbertaron08 Durant Oklahoma
    Thank you guys kjundog I know exactly what drop out pens are lol, its jus upsetting when you see new people get bashed because they didn't use the correct term, glad this site is open on opinions
  • No one should be bashed and I think the criticism from most on here is not meant to be as there are some really good folks on here.
  • When I started the word banty was not used,you would be corrected especially at club meeting.
  • Growing up people used to call then benny hens.
  • gilbertaron08gilbertaron08 Durant Oklahoma
    I call them banty as well, never heard of Benny hens lol
  • Just don't call call them dunghills.
  • gilbertaron08gilbertaron08 Durant Oklahoma
    Haha no lie I told my dad I have a dunghill he hacks up every time I try to catch him haha
  • I've had oe males (bantams) look good at home and put in show cage go into hack, never could cure them but to cull them.
  • gilbertaron08gilbertaron08 Durant Oklahoma
    Yea some just dont have that metality
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • gilbertaron08gilbertaron08 Durant Oklahoma
    I never had wheaton's or knew about then until about two years ago, in the game cock world lemon hackle cocks are usually sweater blood, dark red are usually kelso blood, an silver duck wing type are jus called greys lol
  • Seen sweater McGinnis hens clay colored like wheatens and partridge colored.old english bantams is a totally different game. (Hobby)
  • gilbertaron08gilbertaron08 Durant Oklahoma
    It sure is totally diff world but any knowledge on "chickens" in general is good knowledge
  • I've called them bantys since I was a kid, I've noticed Raven calls them bantys also.
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