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Silver Quill for beginner

I'm just getting into bantams and really like the silver quill. How would a beginner like myself get a silver quill bloodline? I would like to know what colors to breed in order to get the silver quill?


  • Sorry, can't help you on that one but perhaps someone out there can point you in the right direction.
  • I know of only 2 people even working on them. If I were just starting out I would look into other varieties a bit better developed. Of the few I have seen they are quite a way from being right yet.
  • I was hoping for some help from veteran breeders. I thought with so few working on them that one more trying would be a step forward. Why work on an established color when I could be helping move forward with one that isn't already there? Progress isn't achieved by sitting around and doing nothing.
  • You will find the more serious a person is about improving something and seeing the overall variety gain popularity the less likely the birds leave until a level of quality has been achieved that they are comfortable with letting a few go. Improvement projects are a real labor of love with great expense and time involved, a great deal of personal pride is taken in the projects and the birds that are turned loose are often kept tight with a close group the primary person truly knows and trusts to help meet their end goal.
    Find a resource working on them speak with them at length over a period of time and you will likely get what your looking for.
    I wish the best in your efforts
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Semi, Elvis Pate and Bryant Nunnely raise them. You can find Elvis on facebook.
  • Thanks for your comments. Not trying to offend anyone if it comes across that way. I just know what my father-in-law and a friend have taught me about american gamefowl as far as making a good bloodline for certain qualities which is basically the same concept. So I under what you mean about putting forth the effort and not wanting to let it go after all your work. I was taught that a man can make a bloodline better or he can destroy one.
    Thanks again
  • Can't seem to find Elvis on Facebook. Any suggestions?
  • I think I found him. Thanks again.
  • When I raised gamecocks I crossed a white cock over a grey hen and raised one of the most perfect colored silver quill males you could ever lay your eyes on, all the others came out white. Using redquill (not ginger) and crossing with silver duckwings might yield something but not real sure.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I agree Lee, I think Willie Silvie may have some silver gingers. I would use the silver duckwing cock over a redquill pullet. But I would most likely just call Elvis Pate and try to buy some.
  • You're right Ernie, I would probably start with some already made. Doesn't Jerry have redquills?
  • Would like to find out what's expected of the color and which direction I need to go. All your comments are helpful and much appreciated.
  • Need to get breeders together and figure the perfect color for red quill and silver quill, ABA standard has no plumage standard to go not know if APA standard lists them.
  • I don't know who to contact but I'm sure someone on here does. Beginner or veteran breeder, still need a standard to know what we'rettrying to achieve. I know silver quills as of now look almost identical to a Joe Redmond grey gamefowl which are beautiful in my opinion.
  • Semi2015, Randy Scoggins of Sulphur, ok has ad in oe club yearbook on red quill. He shows them.
  • Randy has moved back to Oklahoma? I didn't know that.
  • No, forgot about that . Need new address .try new yearbook.
  • There are 2 different Scroggins I get them mixed is the one his house burned while he was at shawnee show one year.
  • Randy Scoggins is on here as Kentucky Randy and yes he does raise Red Quill and yes his house did burn a few years ago. Last I talked to him he was living in Tennessee but I guess he could be back in Okla.
  • Just trying to help Semi2015 .
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