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  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    Definitely AUTO PILOT !!! I wish Sherri would turn this over to Bill. I think she could find some time, she has just lost interest in the site. I feel that because it can't be maintained properly it has hurt the interest.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    That's what I was telling Lee the other day, it would be nice if she made Bill the administrator and one of the other guys a mod
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
  • You're right Scott, there's no telling how many people may have registered for this site and are still waiting for their email conformation. I'm thinking this site will just fade away.
  • Still the best site that I can find.
  • Her is sherri number from page 580-380 1917.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    edited August 2016
    No doubt it's the best site, but it might need upkeep at some point, it took me a long time to get accepted, I read here for a long time and looked at tiny pictures and some of the threads didn't show up........I know people have tried to contact her recently
  • Its too bad that she has lost interest because this is a good web site.
  • Definitely the most active site!
  • edited August 2016
    Lot of activity on Facebook lol. Oh and I have called her and left msg. but never heard back from her.
  • I meant a site that is designated for old English game bantams.
  • Spencer there is a lot of old english game bantam groups on facebook, I didn't know about it till Clink told me. OEGBCA has their own page.
  • Jake said something about them but I don't have a Facebook. Not a big fan, I am a public school employee and have found it to be in my best interest to stay off
  • No Facebook for me either. The two oe club forums suck.Show bird message board really sucks.
  • Facebook can be a pain, but the sites for Old English do generate a lot of interest in the breed. and while a lot of the people that are a part of them do not care about showing or lack good quality stock its good to get them exposed to what the breed is supposed to look like. But there is a lot of controversy that can happen on the ole FB. haha. The two OE sites are just slow and not much going on. I would like to see more of the better breeders and exhibitors post on there but that does not happen to often. Just hard to give and give advice but people still want to figure it all out the hard way, I understand why a lot of the old timers save their breath! But this site does stay fairly active throughout the year so that is nice to see..
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    On facebook, it's more real time and there is a few more people that might be thinking about the same thing at the same time, but mostly just small talk..... on the forums, I can search and finds times in the past when you guys were doing the same thing, for example, when a guy is building pens, he likes to talk about guys remember the Andy Griffith show where the stranger got the Mayberry newspaper mailed to him for years and then moved to Mayberry and acted like he knew everyone and they thought he was a spy or something, that's how I felt after reading here for a long time and not being able to post
  • I belong to this site and the national site and there is much more activity on here. I don't go on FaceBook much.
  • .
    Great to have site back up.thanks.

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