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  • One of the greatest features of this sight is the friends I have made that I would otherwise would have never known. 

  • Kjundog you have a good point i agree it still a good communication tool so we should not give up on the site I'm sure very busy with all the bad weather

  • adminadmin Durant, OK

    I'll be working on the issues. I haven't quit it. Monday afternoon and Tuesday will be spent on the site. If you guys had rather have the previous look, I will try to get it straightened out.

    I'll get the pic uploaded back tonight. 

  • That's great sherri, thank you for your site.

  • Thank you.
  • Thank you.
  • Thanks, I been going through withdrawals.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.


  • adminadmin Durant, OK
    edited June 2015
    Uploading files is now possible. I had to disable the text editor though.
    336 x 358 - 50K
  • adminadmin Durant, OK
    Uploading from a mobile device.
    5312 x 2988 - 3M
  • adminadmin Durant, OK
    I changed the mobile theme back to the previous theme. The computer theme will be more difficult.

    Uploading files is restored and Ron has been posting pics. Apparently, he is up late too...

    Accounts can be created again.

    I noticed an interesting chat room app. You can turn it off if you don't like it. Thought we could try it out. What is your opinion on it?

    I'll be back on Monday to see what you all think.
  • Thanks sherrie
  • I must be too old school . chat room new to me, but I will stay open minded and watch its progress.
    Appreciate your work
  • Everything coming together nice.
  • Thank you looks good
  • Thanks Sherri looks good.
  • Thanks Sherri. The only thing I see that I like before is the time and date doesn't show up on post, and the page numbers are all the same and the page I'm on should be lighter to show what page I'm on. Is there a way to turn the chat off so it disappears?
  • Thanks for all the extra work, I spend a lot of time on this site and really enjoy it so thanks.
  • The chat is gone.thanks
  • adminadmin Durant, OK
    I put a couple of different measures to control spam and bots. Let me know if anyone has trouble with them.

    If you notice in the right corner of each post, the funky wheel has a couple of new options to report spam. There is also a new Recaptcha for users creating new accounts. It is supposed to be harder for bots to get through. Hopefully, this will cut down on the crazy posts and new users.
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