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Why are these advertising financial adds on the discussion forum?

edited April 2015 in Madder than a Wet Hen
Why are these financial advertisements on a oegb Webb site we talk click end her not business. Do we have to put up with this junk on here just like on other Webb sites you just can't get away from it I'm tired of prop land companies trying to sneak an add in anything they can you can't even watch five minutes of TV without going to a five minute commercial if I want or need something I will go out and find I don't need ads and commercials shoved down my throat 24/7.


  • I agree with you 100%! I hate all the ads on TV and everywhere else!
  • I watched an hour program and kept up with it . around 26 minutes was advertising. well then why do we have to pay to watch tv. it should be free just to watch this junk!
  • Get Netflix Ken. You can watch all kinds of movies and programs and they are commercial free! I don't watch regular TV anymore unless I record a show and zap the commercials. I stay on Netflix almost all the time.
  • Thanks Barry. great idea , will consider that!
  • You will not regret it Ken. I've gotten where that is just about the only thing I watch except for the news.
  • So if there are no commercials when do you get up to go to the fridge or the bathroom? LOL
  • You could hit pause if you have direct tv kjundog
  • All that fancy stuff ain't made it that far back in the swamp yet.
  • Its made it to the swamp. Just to high in the sky to see. Lol
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