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Flock Raiser Pellets

edited April 2015 in Product Reviews
For those that are interested in feeding the new smaller Purina Flock Raiser pellets, the information on the tag is Pellet 50# 1/8, and the item number is 0057267. These pellets are much smaller than the old Purina Flock Raiser pellets and much easier for bantams to swallow. You would probably have to ask for it at your local Purina dealer.


  • Barry, I am not familiar with this stuff. When do you feed this flock raiser. Is it for growing birds, breeders or both? At what age do you start feeding this? Tell me how you use it and what benefits you are seeing. My closest PUrina dealer is 25 miles away but if there is merit to using it then it would be worth the drive.
  • Barry thank you very much for that information. That is exactly what I needed. I was just visiting with my Purina dealer. He being a large animal vet, didn't know anything about that product
  • I use the flock raise crumble but will be switching to the new pellet. Thanks Barry
  • edited April 2015
    I feed Flock Raiser pellets year round kdog. Its a great feed to maintain birds. I mix it with gamebird breeder and my own concoction of grains during the breeding season. Out of the breeding season, I feed Flock Raiser only. My birds are all healthy, lay like crazy, and hatch extremely well. I had my female line BB Reds on the three way mix and hatched 22 of 24 eggs. I was surprised at this result in birds that are famous for their poor hatchability. I hope you guys can find it because its a great feed for bantams.
  • Have you tried it on 4 month olds that you want to get off the starter?
  • That's when I start mine on it Kdog
  • Thanks guys. Might be something I can mix with the Rambo cocker's ration.
  • I start weaning them at 12-14 weeks by mixing Flock Raiser and Starter Grower 50/50. I slowly increase the Flock Raiser until they are eating it 100%. They actually prefer the pellets rather than the crumbles.
  • so did purina go to the smaller pellet full time? or do they still offer both sizes? i would like the smaller myself and will look friday to see what my store has now. i know there is a new bag and picture.
  • I think going to be just small pellets now.
  • I have been feeding flock raiser for several years
  • yes the pellets needs to be a little smaller. and the crumble needs to be bigger. sometimes its fine as dust. mp
  • we feed it, mixing with starter-grower and flight conditioner
  • Mr.Barry, Where do you buy the Flock Raiser at ?
  • Hi Eddie,
    Dennis Devine brought me several bags of Flock Raiser and chick starter when he came down for a visit. I usually get mine at Coleman's in Woodruff. Coleman's has starter, Flock Raiser, and Game Bird Breeder.
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