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new chicken lady (and hubby) here! hi yall!

So my fisrt job when I was 16 was taking care of a mans game roosters.....and it all went down hill from there.....I'm finally in a position 20+ years later that I can have my own chickens to play with. In the spirit of making this a family ordeal I chose a color of old english that my husband likes. ....mille fleur. I got a quad a few weeks ago and we are taking the pullets to a show this weekend just to see how they look beside the others as we are learning correct type etc.....I believe the ones I got are decent enough for me not to be laughed out of the show room.....however I do not expect to win anything......just to learn.....its not our first show I have show a silkies and ameraucanas in the last the last show my husband made friends with a little oegb hen and that was it......we had to have some :) I do not have the sop for oegb and cant find it by google search it available on line or only in print? Also if you have any "protips" for a newbie please feel free to share!


  • One of the pullets making friends with my husband
    1862 x 1818 - 2M
  • Im not one of the older breeders, just a new guy too, but you might look into joining the American Bantam Association and a national breed speciality club, also look for a local speciality club or local bantam club for your area. You can always meet good folks and gain lots of good information.
    Im sure one of the older members can guide you more into the right direction.
    good luck to you guys
  • Welcome to the hobby. Where you from?
  • We are in south central arkansas
  • You must be going to the El Dorado show, I will be at the show and would like to meet you. I will be showing BB Reds.
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