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Modern Day Poultry/Agriculture Industry

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jake Stonebarger and I know that there are probably that do not know me. I showed OE for about 9 years prior to college (2010) and recently got back into birds. I got my BA in Poultry Science from the University of Arkansas as well as a minor in Agricultural Business.
Now I am by no means an expert on anything and only being 23 I have a lot still left to learn, but I do want to share some of my thoughts with you guys.

As men and women who have an interest in a hobby that does pertain to agriculture I feel that it is important that we all know just a little factual and truthful knowledge about the agricultural industry. Todays media portrays modern day agricultural practices as bad and inhumane. Now let me say that there are tons of videos on the web showing animal cruelty and those few individuals that go in and get this footage are picking out those few bad apples in the industry and showing the worst case situations. There is such thing as animal cruelty, there are people that are guilty of it and should be made and example of. There are organizations out there that use these videos to show the world what agriculture is and they say it is the normal thing and that everyone does it.
There are two things we need to look at, animal welfare and animal rights. Animal rights is what PETA, HSUS, and the other organization like them push into the faces of consumers and blast all over the media. When the saying animal rights is used, it is being said that those animals should have rights, like humans. They should have the right to choose if they want to be in a cage, or be processed into food. They have feeling like humans and a conscience. Animal welfare is what every successful and good producer (farmer) practices everyday. It is the thought that if you take the best possible care of your animals they will produce well for you, whether its a hen laying eggs, a steer in the feed yard, or cow producing milk, producers know that you get out what you put in. And the producers that produce the best take the best care of their animals. Its common knowledge that the better you take care of something the better it is in return. So the line is drawn between animal rights and animal welfare.

2%..... That is the percentage of the US population involved in modern day agriculture. So that means 98% of this country has no clue what goes into that beef they buy in the store or the sausage and egg biscuit they eat at McDonalds. This statistic alone is reason enough to talk about agriculture with every person you encounter. Consumers need to know the truth about what really goes on in modern day farming and that its not all bad like the media and certain organizations have made it out to be.

Everything we do revolves around agriculture. But people have no idea. They think the milk and bread is so expensive and that its ridiculous you got pay for it. FACT: Farmers only receive about $0.16 of every food dollar. They are under the impression that "Organic" is more healthy and that GMO means "poison" or "BAD". Factory farming means something bad. Chickens are fed hormones to make them grow faster.
REALITY......They have no idea.

This is something I am truly passionate about and if anyone has ANY questions I would be more than happy to do my best to answer them or point you in the right direction.



  • Thank you Jake, nice article!
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Thanks Jake, "Great Read." I totally agree.
  • Thank you Bill and Ernie!
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    You and I see eye to eye on this subject
  • Good article I definitely agree that people with groups like peta go "undercover" to the worst factory farms then they get everybody to point the finger at the good guys.
  • Yes AZOEGB and what a lot of people do not know is that that 1-3 minute video on their website or youtube, took them anywhere from 1-5 years to get enough footage to compile. They have been working on laws to stop this and make it to where if they do release videos, those videos can not be taped no more than a year from the date. That would take a lot of those videos away.

    This BIGGEST misconception with these organizations is where all the donations received goes. About 1-2% of donations actually go to animal shelters. The other 98-99% go to ADVERTISING for smear campaigns and the one no one really knows about, BUYING STOCKS. PETA has a tremendous amount of stock in Wal-Mart. And this is because they have a say in the Share Holder meetings once a year. They also have a lot of stock in fast food corporations. This leads to them having influence with these companies.
  • Just like the big push right now is Antibiotic Free chicken in restaurants like McDonalds, and Chic-Fil-A.
    NEWSFLASH, most chickens are not pumped with antibiotics to begin with. Second, the new stipulations in regard to ABF (Antibiotic Free) is it will still allow antibiotic use in poultry, only certain drugs will be allowed and at certain stages of life.

    Fact: NO ''organic'' food product has been found to be more beneficial health wise than a non ''organic'' food product.
  • Jake you learned well I am glad that we have some one like you that we can rely on to keep us informed on agriculture updates and animal sciences . I know that changes can happen so fast even before most of us can realize it in the agriculture we are seeing it every day even with our poultry . Thanks Jake
  • One of the things that I am afraid of coming down the pike is the trimming of our show oegb. I hope i don't see it in my life time
  • jake , its not about the animals , its about the money

  • Jerry123 that's one thing I see all over as well, there are people that say they want to show oegb but then say that dubbing is cruel and they wont show until this rule gets changed. The root of raising and breeding birds is to keep a breed as historically correct as possible.
  • At one time I remember California had a ban on dubbing poultry of any kind.
  • Jake, Thank you for your passion and dedication on this most important subject. On Easter Sunday it will be 43 years I have been working for John Deere, a world class company that designs and manufacture equipment for the agricultural industry as well as construction and forestry. There is truth in what you are saying. Something is very wrong when you look at the price of a box of cereal and realized the person that sold them the box made more then the farmer that grew the grain that is in the box. I am proud to serve the American farmer and ranchers and deliver them a product of high quality that will perform to their expectations and still be a good value for the money they spend. As far as the animal cruelty issues they do exist when people choose to exploit these animals but that surely is not the case in the animals raised for agricultural purposes (livestock). Television and news medias can take any subject and pick and choose what to report and make any topic look exactly the way they want it to appear. In other words they do what sells. Raven is correct when he says it is about the money and bad news seems to sell more newspapers then something positive. Stick to your guns young man and call it like you see it. Don't expect everyone to agree with you but don't let that stop you from saying it. I take my hat off to you young man. At 23 years old, you are the future of this industry and we all need you and young men like you.
  • Thanks Jerry and Wayne for three kind comments.! I truly appreciate them. I just hope this opens some peoples minds about media vs the truth. I have had huge debates with animal activists on campus and different livestock shows I have been too. The bottom line is they can't argue truthful facts and That is what I always try to bring. Yes I am passionate and am on the agricultural side 100% but I will admit when there is things going on that are not right. But there has to be more truth spoken about agriculture, more specifically animal agriculture. Thanks for standing with me fellas!
  • Excellent article Jake! I appreciate your efforts to speak out on behalf of agriculture!
    Being in the stocker steer business, we catch grief all the time about hormone implants. People automatically assume what they hear on TV or from the groups you mentioned are telling the truth - which is so far from the truth!
    Good stockers know when to give their implants in order to meet the withdrawal time before cattle are sold and shipped to the feed lots. Feed lots then implant again according to weight and approximate feeding time before slaughter.
    But what the public really doesn't want to know, is the fact that natural products, such as soybean oil naturally have more estrogens/hormones per teaspoon than an 8oz cut of red meat from an animal that was treated with hormone implants.

  • People ask me all the time if I raise organic beef and tell them yes they eat grass , crap and moo like a natural cow. Lol
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  • Very true Karla! And yes Jason that is natural and people don't realize it. People also don't realize that after the first part of the "becoming organic" process it's just paper work every year. The state very rarely looks at the farm.
    When I worked in a poultry plant we sold Halal chicken meat. This meat was the exact same chicken that all the other was that was going to places like Walmart, Popeyes, Sonic, etc.... But when there was halal we would have a rabbi stand there and say amen over each bird before it was killed... And it was like a $2-$3 a pound more for this Halal chicken.

    If people are willing to pay the premiums that come with the "natural" or "organic" label, then why not bump the price up to outrageous amounts. But I know what I eat marked great value ultimately comes from the same exact place....
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    Well Said Jake
  • Well said Jake!!!!
  • Years ago I worked for Farm Fresh , bottling milk we had 2- 50,000 gal silo's and a few other smaller ones, the milk was fed into the bottling machine and lables were put on the bottles, 27 different labels same milk, ie Farm Fresh, leadway, Sure Fresh, Boys, Bestbuy and 22 more, in the store different prices same milk
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