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Just a friendly question

edited March 2015 in User Suggestions
While judging I see what appears to be a Wheaton Male being shown in the BB Red Class. Some of my thought processes are color of hackle and saddle (halo) and lighter reddish sometime heading toward orange. If you look underneath saddle you see orangish red to lighter red. The darker red on wing is actually a lighter shade, but remember undercolor ready is not to get undue consideration while judging. Undercolor on saddle is light grey instead of dark grey. What are the breeders thoughts? Are there other signs that judges may miss? How do you feel when a Wheaton places in the BB Red Class? We all know that most BB Reds are a bit darker than what the Standard description states .


  • Another difference is that with the wheatons it is much more common and is tolerated more to have red shafts in the sickles. I think the practice of showing Wheaton males in the BB Red class should be discouraged.
  • I have also seen BB's shown as Wheatens. A lot of the male line Wheatens are crosses between the two varieties any way. They used to be the same variety with two different colored females. Just like Brown Leghorns used to be one variety before being split into Light and Dark. Now, all this was WAY before my time.
  • Had a good conversation with Tracy that shed some light over this question. Thanks Kjundog and Nutens for comments.
  • Dose anyone know a John T Mainor ? That lives in Adel Ga > And also his phone number I need to get in contact with him please ?
  • get on facebok he has adds there
  • On page 250 under male plumage in ABA standard it says It has been a long established fact that the wheaten male is an overall lighter colored bird than the bb red. when the Wheaton bred male shown in a class of bb reds, he has a brighter, more flash or showy appearance and everything else is being even, he recieves a higher placing by the average judge. The foregoing standard describes several points which will assist the judge and breeder in distinguishing between these two color patterns .
  • Hope that might help out a little bit I had just read that the other day and had seen this discussion hope it does not come off as a smart $&@? Comment. I just got started in wheatens a couple months ago I have been reading up on them.
  • Your comments are not taken, but constructive.
  • Steve, Wheaten male almost always have much better wing edging than BB males, another sign that he is in the wrong class.
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