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I have a question for all the experienced breeders on here. If I have 2 incubators could I have one on for the first 18 days and then move then to the other one for then to hatch? That wayi could keep putting eggs in the first one everyday with out changing the humidity level.


  • Elguache, yes. That's they way I run my incubator. It works perfect for me...

  • Ok thanks that's just what I'll do then
  • The same way I do mine
  • And another thing is that I don't want to take out the turners
  • You will have much better luck incubating in one and hatching in the other. Keeps them cleaner fewer bacterial issues
    You may want to consider a top and tray dividers or hatching bags to keep each mating segregated at hatch.
  • I don't know if i would want to put eggs in everyday. I collect my eggs and put them in incubator once a week or once every two weeks. It is easier for me to manage them in batches of the same age rather than having just a few chicks of different ages mixed together. If you do it weekly you will have a batch hatching every week. I cut hatcher on when put eggs in and cut it off when the hatch is complete.
  • I put the eggs in once a week and just leave the hatcher going.
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