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facebook auction

So last I saw this nice little page on Facebook with auctions and sales of old english bantams. I bid on a little trio from a very known guy who posts on this page and on other oegb forum sites and thought this guy must be legit. So I won the auction I messaged him and got no answer. The next day he said the birds were sick. I said ok no problem. He told me to get with him over the weekend so he could show me some he could sell to me. Well I did and he never answered. I know he's read my messages cause he keeps posting bantams for sale. I wouldn't say I got ripped off cause I didn't send him any money but it's pretty disappointing to not have men of their word.


  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • send a message to the administrator of the page - that might help. Several buyers and sellers have been blocked from those pages because they didn't follow through with their transactions.
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    That guy should keep his word and beware of Facebook famous guys.
    Sad that people can't keep their word and show their true lying worthless selfs at other people expense.
    If people would publicly bust them out it would stop a lot of it.
  • That's the last time I get onThat site
  • Sorry to here that. what kinda birds did u "buy"?
  • It was trio of old english bantams. A blue male and 2 lemon blue sport females
  • I will only be buying from folks I know on this website and a couple other I know.
    Sorry you had a bad encounter.
  • Try Marvin on this site!
    He is honest, he ships and he has some great Lemon Blues!
  • Worked things out with him
  • You probably headed for a ride, I would quit while I was ahead. Sounds like he may have used the good birds to get you attention now you gonna get the culls.
  • He may send you some really good ones also!
    Good luck!
  • You have to be very aware of what you are buying especially online. I have been burnt both ways as a seller and a buyer. Not everyone is a crook on there though. I have sold birds and bought birds on there and believe that if you are honest with the buyer them they shouldn't have any complaints. I have a pair on there as we speak and will tell you everything that I think of them. ask around before placing that final bid. Most folks will give you and opinion whether it be on the site or via a pm. Wish we could rate the sellers like on ebay lol.
    The main thing I hate is folks selling as XXXX line. If they are not from the pens of that breeder, you bred and raised them then they are not THERE line they are YOURS. That just irritates me trying to use someone else name to sell your birds.And if you knowingly sell a bird that has a defect or misrepresent them as something they are not then you are doing nothing but ruining the Hobby and need to stop. Dont sell something as a breeder or show bird that you wouldnt put in a breed pen or in a show cage with your name on it.Some folks unknowingly may do this but thats what this site is for to educate the uneducated. I have learned allot from talking to folks and reading treads on this site. Good luck to all and just be careful in what you buy.
  • Very well said Randal
  • There are far too many honest and reputable breeders on this website that someone could buy from rather than going to an auction.
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