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New to the Bantam world

Hope someone out there can give an old lady a hand. I've always known what I like in a bird. But when I bought my first pairs, the man was talking above my head. My hens are a Red Pyle OE (she hates chicks) and a Self Blue and the boys are i think a Black Breaster Red OE and a Blue Dutch. Then he started talking about standerds, colors,form,and so on. Will I just saw how much that book cost (for 2010) and i must say "aahahahahahhaha". I have scence gotten some more, seabrights and mille's last fall. i noted that a couple of the mill's seam to be favoring their left leg for a long time. they seam to be getting better. But with the knologe I have about breeding I would cull them for a genenice defalt. (my spelling stinks sorry). From Minnesota
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