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silver wheatens

Hello new to the site and I want to really focus on breeding silver wheatens and I'm wondering if anyone has any updates on how they are doing, thanks Sergio.


  • I don't think too many folks have them, I have a few that I hatched last year. I will try and hatch a few more this spring. I would be interested in hearing more on them, I hear they are on the inactive list. I know Ronnie Ledford told me he used to raise them, and Brad Richardson did also, but has got rid of his..
  • I think they're awesome. I got some good wheatens and silver duckwings hopefully a start
  • R u selling any sq silver duckwing
  • Which Wheaton do u have blue or reg.Wheaton
  • Would I be better off buying silver wheatens from ideal and improving on type or sticking with wheatens and sdw
  • Could someone post a pic of a Silver Wheaten? I don't think I have ever seen one
  • The males look like a silver duckwing. The females are wheaton with a silver hackle.
    I used to get some out of the Columbian I has used wheaton with.
  • Sounds like nice looking bird. Can't wait to see a real one
  • I saw 2 females at Pryor today that originated from you Carl. Jerry showed them. They were nice.
  • So it's better to use Columbian and wheaten
  • Sergio I made them in 2 generations 1st was SDW male over Wheaten Females then Brother over Sister
  • What did you look for when choosing your breeders
  • Sergio
    For me they were an expected result just an undesired result.
    If you use the sdw male over wheaton keep a Cockrell from the first cross breed to his sisters. Cull the chick's with a ducking pattern or stripes in down. Keep only the wheaton looking females breed back to the first cross male cull the chick's the same again.
  • Thanks Carl. I'll definitely be doing that.
  • Bill,
    Those silver wheatens sure was a sight to behold. Very pretty birds.
  • Actually, Bill, those were my birds, and yes, they did originate from a bird Carl let me have and my wheaten hens. I will try and get a pic later.
  • Hey okie1 I'd really like some if you ever have any to spare
  • I'm Sorry Ned, I knew that too. Forgive my senility.
  • Hey, no problem, Bill, and Sergio63 if I get any extra this spring I will let you know. I am gonna try and hatch some, I have a few issues with them I would like to improve on. I am gonna have to seek advice from Carl, Brad, or Ronnie Ledford. Here is a couple pics I took this evening. Not the best but you can get an idea what they look like.
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