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Hello my name is José and I'm a new guy. Trying to get some quality old english Gane bantams. I live near Houston, TX and I'm willing to pay good money for quality birds thanks


  • be very careful where and who you get birds from
  • And why is that? I
  • Not all folks are equal in desire to provide a good start. Some will provide nice birds that may not produce anything desired when bred to each other. Other guys will just sell birdz. And a few are interested in seeing someone get a good start.
  • I've also been told not to buy from hatcheries
  • edited February 2015
    Beware like they said. Facebook famous people are the worse
    Lots of good breeders on here so take their advice and use it. Ozee , tater , Tracy hill , cooper , Jw and lots more on here are good to listen too
  • So where can I start looking? I really like the self blues
  • Jeff simpson
  • How can I get in touch with him?
  • Will send you his number
  • Welcome. Lots of good advice here beware of the feather merchants. Good luck with your Quest for self Blues. My Advice is get a Trio or two of the Best you can get !
  • There is a show near you- La Grange- on March 8th. You may want to go to see what is there and talk to some of the locals. I doubt if there is any self blues but you would be able to talk OE to a few people.
  • Yea I plan on going to that show
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