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Length of Tail

Good morning all,
I just wanted to say I'm very new to OEGB and this site has been great to me in every way. I did a search on this and couldn't come up with anything that would answer my question. Which is, why do OEBG tails get shorter as they mature into a cock? Or is this just in certain strain of OEGB? Thanks, all answers are welcomed.



  • Some strains do better as cocks than others.I believe the use of ckl in breeding pen hurts the future cocks.rockhill bb males were better as cocks.selection of breeders can make pullet, hen, ckl.or cock lines.also male tend to have higher tail carriage as they age.
  • Great info funandgames..
  • what you want in a bird is good balance , when you look at a bird from the side the front and back of the bird needs to balance out , and compliment each other ,
  • Thanks Raven, I always respect your knowledge as a breeder.
  • I have seen females win with short tails med tails and long tails, I know you want good balance in any bird but when I am picking my breeders and show birds I am looking for birds with the longest tails. The standard also indicates this, (TAIL: Main Tail – feathers broad, quills strong, LONG, top two feathers slightly
    curved in a convex manner, tail carried at an angle of 45 above the horizontal.
    Coverts – flowing well up tail.)
  • It also says" Long" in the male standard
  • The age of a bird in the breeding pen is not gonna make it's offspring have short tails as cocks, it's all in genetics. BUT it is true that a lot of oe birds have shorter plumage when they molt into cocks, not like real gamefowl, when they molt into cocks their plumage is longer.
  • lot of my B.B.Red & Blacks have more tail as cocks then they had as Ckls.
  • in showing birds you're better off showing cockrells , pullets and hens , as in showing cock birds , it takes a really good cock to beat good cockrells , hens or pullets , on a cock you can have many months invested in him , and if he gets any feather damage , unless youre going to breed him , you're dead in the water with him
  • with all this said if you were measuring their Tail how long would you want your pullets and hens be?
  • edited February 2015
    In proportion to body. However you may find this can and likely will vary based on past selection practices and purpose of the line. Hen and pullet line females will be in better proportion to the female body. Cockerel lines may be touch longer and wider in width. Cock lines are often longercto compensate for some length loss.
    I wish there was a solid answer but individual breeders making selections and culling drives the development and final appearance of the bird. Each person selects breeders differently and culls for different traits at different developmental stages.
  • Balance is the key
  • I hear people say "I have a male line." I ask them where are your cocks? They reply"I never show cocks they have too short a tail." That to me is not a male line. But a ckl.only line. A Ckl.must be about 10 months old before he is finished.He usually starts to molt about 12 to 14 months old. So you have male bird that you show 2 to 4 months of his life.This is not what I want in my male line. I have 4 to 6 year old cocks that I show that do pretty well in most shows.This to me is a true male line.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    Well said James
  • Been showing Opal and Crele cock birds all this season, two weeks ago I finally showed my first Opal and Crele cockerels, And this Saturday will be the second and last show for these two cockerels untill next fall
  • Ron that's a true male line when you can show good feathered cocks.
  • I prefer to show cocks as well. I showed 6-8 bb cocks this year
  • The reason you keep and breed to cocks is not because the age makes better tails. You keep males to see how they look as cock birds. The ones that retain or increase their tail size you use in your breeding pens. The ones that don't improve you don't use as breeders.
    I breed for males in my BB Red Modern bantam and my Large OE. I always keep back an extra 6-8 males that are not in breeding pens, just to see how they finish out.
  • That's the reason I never breed cockerels.Don't know what you are breeding from until after the 1st complete molt.
  • I do breed cockerels but usually back to mothers. This year I had one pen that produced 90% of my best Cockerels so I did use a couple of them.
    You have to keep good records, or at least I do.
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