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crele breeders

How many of you keep Crele old english. I have Cock and 6 hens I have hens in 3 different pens and rotate the Cock around 4 days each pen. I would like to hear about your birds and setups. Mine are mixture of Proctors and Lails birds with a mix of GameReapers touch.


  • Lail bought out proctor a few years ago, may have the keys in your hands
  • Doesn't Otis Fields still have Crele?
  • Otis and Keith are partners, Fields and Proctor
  • edited February 2015
    Proctors still has Crele. The four I just bought came from his hold over pen. My Roosta is 1/2 Keith's birds and 1/2 Jake Lail stock. I should get decent percentage of good birds. I can only keep a few so I went after the best I could get my hands on! I acquired them to keep as Hobby but will show a few each year to keep as close to standard as I can get. My 2-1/2 yr. Old Grandson Elijah loves them so we will show them together. Life is good
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