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Egg production/fertility

nboonnboon Princeton Texas
edited January 2015 in Somethin' to Crow About
How do yall get your hens laying and roosters fertile a few of my pens are laying and a few are laying but aren't fertile and I have that aren't laying at all how do I help them out and get them layinfo are there any supplements?


  • Breeder solution
  • I use the breeder solution also.
  • I tried it and I couldn't tell a difference for me.
  • Are you guys talking about the breeder solution from Twin Cities Poultry Supply that you mix 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per 2 gallons of water? I've always heard everyone have good luck with it but I've had my birds on it since Thanksgiving and cannot tell any difference.
  • My younger females are spitting out egg but the older birds have yet to start laying. I don't know if the cold weather is the hold up or what. The males seem to start a little slower than the females as well. I had poor fertility my first hatch but have seen it rise dramatically in the following hatches. I also you red cell and wheat germ oil. Not sure if they help them lay better but it appears to produce stronger chicks.
  • Length of day light affects egg production and fertility. Nature s way.
  • My birds are laying great. Even my 4-5 year old hens are laying good still
  • Has anybody ever used roosterbooster from tractor supply
  • Black are your breeders in a barn or outside pens?
  • Keep in mind that males need light just like the hens do. You need to give your males extended light for about 2-4 weeks before the hens.
    I have never found the additives to work, the only thing that help me is animal protein in one form or another. Most feeds had removed the animal protein so I mix in fish meal to help them out. Some people just use dog food or cat food.
    Read your feed tag to see if it is animal or plant protein.
  • Canned cat food.
  • I saw improved fertility by using the breeder solution and that is what I am using it for. I have not seen a difference in egg production from the females but that don't matter as long as the eggs I am getting are fertile.
  • What can cause a soft shell egg? I will get a couple a year. Is there anyway to prevent them.
  • They need calcium Shane, oyster shell will help.
  • Black, what part of the country do you hail from? My OEs are not laying I think it's way too cold. I never have good luck until late spring. I've used breeder sol. and have my lights on a timer. doesn't seem to help. my silkies are laying like crazy as well as my LF birds.
    Bonnie W
  • How long do you hold eggs before putting them in as a group in the incubator. Also for a starting out person, is the hova bator decent?
  • edited January 2015
    The hovabator genesis is a great starting up incubator for the novice that does not want to invest alot to get started. I have 2 genesis that I use when I don't have a large volume of eggs and don't wish to turn on the cabinet model I have. I get a 90% hatch rate from it. I hold eggs no longer than 7 days.
  • I've heard that up to 14 days is no problem for holding eggs, but I keep them 7 days.
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