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Thanks for a Great Site

My name is Bill. I joined this site because I wanted to let you guys know what a wealth of information it is, and how I have enjoyed reading it multiple times, I do not have OEGB, and probably never will, but the info on this site is so universal that I wanted to say thank you.

I am new to the sport finishing my 2cd year of showing. I bred/showed dogs for 30 years. It is no longer a true breeder sport and I longed for that. I dabbled in birds, stumbled into a great mentor, and was off to the races. I got 4 star wins this year.

I raise LF and Bantam Single Comb White Leghorns. LF and Bantam Rose Comb White Leghorns. Bantam White Wyandottes, and Bantam Black Wyandottes.

I have learned alot over the past couple of years. Poultry folks have been good to me. That is important as new blood in the sport will stick around and last. I just wanted to let you know this site is tops for good information. It is run above board, no bickering (like other sites) , egos left at the door, and the threads are seldom highjacked with nonsense .. I appreciate what I have learned from the site. Please continue in 2015....
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