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Gamecock feed mix (milo)

edited January 2015 in Product Reviews
I know this ha probably been covered in other topics but, How many of you guys feed a gamecock mix or something similar. Ny big question is do any of you see any down falls to feeding milo ex.) purple barring in feathers?? I can get the BIG V line of mixes here in NW Arkansas.

I currently mix up my own stuff but I like what the mixes have to offer. I know some who feed it an no problem, but I have heard some do see barring... Give me you thoughts..!



  • Jake,
    I really believe the Barring is related to a combination of stress and possible genetics, similar to purple sheen.
    I only feed a custom mix for mine and do not use milo. Here is the Mix. It comes out to 19% +- a little on protein
    Oats 250
    Wheat 175
    Corn Chops 175
    Animax 250 (Purina Product similar to Calf Manna)
    Sunflower Seed 100
    Fish Meal 50
    Wheat Germ Oil 5 Gall
    Soy Bean Oil 5 Gall
    Molasses 10 Gall

    That makes a 1000lb of feed.

    All my birds go to this after 10 weeks and start the transition with a 50/50 mix of medicated starter at 6 weeks.
  • Jake, I feed the 17% game cock feed from Big V. It has less milo than the 13% game cock feed. I add DDG, rice bran and wheat to mine and it further dilutes the milo.
  • Lol how many thousands of birds are you feeding Carl, that's a lot of feed !!!
  • I feed flock raiser, wheat and sunflower seed.
  • Thanks everyone for your input! I would like to hear from more of the people on here
  • Jake, I can't answer your question but I have heared all that plus if you raise SDW ,W, and other light colored birds it will turn them Yellow. I have never tried to prove that. I am not trying to advertise any feed but I feed BV game bird breeder to all my birds starting at about 4 months right thru breeding. My birds stay in good condition winter and summer. I do feed some whole wheat about one or two times a week in the winter.This simplifies my feeding. Now you and I both know that they are all kinds of formulas out there some home made and some comm. I like what works and this does for me, I have had judges tell me my birds were in good condition , I also think that it depends on their pen inviorment. Just my 2 and 1/2 cents Post Script I think you have fed out a lot birds In your time Stick to what worked for you in the Past
  • Thanks Jerry. Goes back to the old saying, if it's not broke, don't fix it.
    I may have fed a bird or two
  • Lol how many thousands of birds are you feeding Carl, that's a lot of feed !!!
    Two decent birds and a good number of culls. But thats all I neec is two good birds. The rest are for practice
  • Purple barring is stress. Purple sheen is mainly a result of too much sheen and can result from mating two birds together that have a rich green sheen. Although I suppose it could be possible to get purple when feeding too much milo and corn at the wrong time. I said this before but I will say it again grains and grain mixtures have their place certain times in a birds life. Breeders get a breeder pellet. Chicks from day old to about 16 weeks get a medicated starter. After 16 weeks as a conditioning feed and a maintenance diet for birds I ain't doing anything with I like a gamecock ration. What I use is what many of you old {bleep} may remember as Rambo Rooster by Lonestar feeds. It is now called Poultry Conditioner 1274 and in a different bag to get away from the {bleep} image.
  • Once a feather is fully grown out, you can't change its color with feed unless you dye it or bleach it. Purple barring is caused from genetics or stress on the bird. I feed a mixture of wild bird seed, sweet feed, sunflower seed , fish pellets, and small scratch during the winter along with Flock Raiser.
  • I agree with Kdog and Barry.
  • edited April 2015
  • I only have a trio right now i keep laying pellets in front of them at all times and feed a mix of popcorn,safflower,rape,red millet,canadian and trappers peas,blackoil sunflower seed i mix myself when its extra cold (5degrees).
  • I feed caliente game cock conditioner mixed with knock out game cock conditioner these are miniture games I feed them and take care of them like game fowl the feed I feed has some milo in it and it does not change my birds color . I don't believe food is going to change feather color in my opinion only genetics and sun light and stress will affect color .
  • I have used Caliente in the past and had decent results. I stopped when a Lonestar dealer opened in town and I was able to get Rambo Rooster. The kernels of corn are smaller than the large kernels in the Caliente. Too big for bantams in my opinion but when it comes down to it the Caliente is a good feed and if that is what is available in your area that is what you must use.
  • I use the faith way knock out feed mixed in because the corn is smaller
  • This year I plan to keep birds on starter until 5 months old and then switch. I will be mixing 2 parts Rambo to one part game bird flight conditioning pellets. Just curious to see what that does for body and feather. Will adjust the mix as I see results. Will reduce pellet if birds are not hard or tight feathered enough. Don't want soft bodies or soft plumage on any games.
  • I am going to have to print this whole thread. Good meat in here!
  • I feed a mixture of Purina Flock Raiser, Game Bird Breeder, and gamecock scratch to my breeders and even my female line birds are laying good.
  • Good info fellas. I am trying out the big v gamecock feed mixed with wheat. Feeding that a couple times a week and pellets are fed free choice
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