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Leg bands for chick's

edited December 2014 in Somethin' to Crow About
Dose anyone know where you can get leg bands for your chick's . when you first take them out of the incubator ?


  • Goggle Smith poultry.
  • Ok . Thank you .
  • Gary peacock didn't toe punch he used the numbered parakeet and cockateil bands.keep close watch as they grow.there is a little tool they sell for putting them on and off.
  • Smith's are 3/16 in colors.try foy's pigeon supply or jedd for numbered ones.
  • You have to be very watchful putting leg bands on chicks. If you are not careful, they will grow too fast and the leg band will cripple their foot. Toe punching is much safer and permanent.
  • I just want to know which chick came from what hen . I don't intend to put the bands on and leave them on . I am not stupid ok .
  • Pretty sure they were all trying to give useful information not calling you stupid!
  • I used zip ties for awhile, they were cheap, easy to apply/take off and came in many colors. Now I toepunch. I like the idea of a permanent mark. I used the clubs colored leg bands that indicated the year and individual number. Then I use spiraletts for visual identification of parentage.
  • Did you find the band's storm?
  • Wasn't trying to be smart storm. Just trying to be helpful.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    I texted him about some elastic leg bands that grow with the bird
  • I texted him about some elastic leg bands that grow with the bird
    I did not know of such a band Nboon. That is neat to say the least. We tried bands zip ties and other things for young birds but left that behind when we ran short on time and overlooked a brooder, needless to say had to cull most of them the next time we were checking bands. they had started growing into the legs of the cockerels.
    I stick to toe punches, and may band a few as they get older but have found that to influence culling at times as well.
  • I don't have time to keep up with bands on chicks so itoe punch. It's got to be a ful time job keeping up for those that raise 2 or 3 hundred.
  • Some people have time.
  • I think I saw the expanding bands on twin city poultry supply website
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    Ima try to get some
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