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nboonnboon Princeton Texas
edited December 2014 in Somethin' to Crow About
I want to be a poultry judge when I get older but I don't know where to start
Do I just keep studying my standard
How old do I have to be
Is there a forum where people ask questions on the standard for review
Will I have to stop showing as much


  • nboon

    The ABA by-laws require that one be 21 years old and an ABA member for 5 years before starting the program. After those requirements are met, the candidate must submit an application and required fee to the secretary of the ABA. Once accepted into the Stewardship program, one must complete a two year stewardship program which includes clerking at eight different shows, under eight different ABA judges. The program is now being revised, so some of the requiremenets may change. After the two year program, the candidate must successfully complete a showroom practical exam and a written exam.

    ON the ABA website there are some of the continuing education modules that you can review to get a feel for the exam.

    Glen Cryar
    Chairman, ABA Judges Licensing Committee
  • How much is the required fee and is it returnable if the application doesn't get accepted?
  • Josh, the fee is $300 for a general license. It is non-refundable, but this should not be a problem. I have only seen one application rejected in my years on the committee.

  • Good topic nboon I was also interested in leanring about this myself. Thanks
  • Nooner, y in the world would u want to do that. We show at alot of the same shows and u seem to be generally liked. Do u know anybody that like the judges :-) :-) :-)
    On a more serious note u should go for it when u come of age just remember to judge by the standard not be a chicken picker of what u like
  • its a lot harder than it looks!!!!!lol
  • Yeah it is tater and it is a thankless job and you are a cheater.
  • Hippy I have actually quit several times .But still calling me . So judge a very select few.Getting too old for all that judging fun & great pay.LOL
  • I clerked the Haynesville show this year which started at 9:00 and finished at about 3:00, when I got home I could hardly get out of the truck. I can't stand on that concrete all day.
  • ive clerked a few times for ronny ledford. im tall but ronny is alot taller than me. those short bottom rows of cages is rough bending over alot to see the birds at eye level. said he loved double stacked cages the top row was just right for him. :)
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    I have clerked with Ronny he's a good judge
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