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Leveling birds out

How do you guys get your male line birds to level out? To not stand as tall? Breed them over a really leany forwards type female?


  • Old English are not supposed to be level back.The standard calls for a slope in back.read standard it is clear on the profile.
  • I mean to not make bird stand as tall. Not level. Just more leveled body. More lean forward not lean back as much
  • They are not to lean forward. Again read standard.head behind breast.
  • my bird stands to tall and i dont want him to is what i mean
  • bhoward this is how i want my birds to stand and look
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  • look at your females , turn them out let them stay out a while and settle and see which ones look and stand like you want them to look then take some time and look at your breeder males,many people look at their birds , and never really see what they look like ,, jack neal told me , i may look at a bird for a year before i breed him
  • From the shoulder it should slope to base of tail.No concave sweep from back up tail on male.
  • Raven It would not take me a year to look at this bird and decide that I like him, Why haven't you been taking more pics of him.
  • I like him :)
  • Heck even I like him and I am not a big fan of the blacks. LOL
  • I dont want them standin as tall. Want them down like my black is. Not as tall
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  • this white is not to tall he just has a low tail set
  • The white is right type, breed more like that, tail a little low.most oe males are to high.the black is about 70 degress. 45 what it calls for.
  • fun and games explain your post to me ,
  • The white oe is a very good type bird.He does not need to lean forward.
  • in that picture the white is a low tail bird , and he looks really long, im not knocking the birds , i know randy and ive seen the birds in person , thats
    why you cant tell any thing about pictures
  • I like the top of the head to be level with top of the sickles and would rather have to high than to low
  • thats bhowards black bird not mine
  • edited December 2014
    The thread started wanting to breed his bird to lean forward. Tail carriage is little low.the black is little high?
  • There is always something that we wish was better and that is what makes us breeders and not just a chicken keepers, It is the eye to see the good points and the bad points and then make the decision on how to mate to improve
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