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Male line vs female line

I'm new to this and did a search and wasn't able to find it, and I'm sure it's been asked before just thought I'd start it as a thread to where it'd be easy to find for others that maybe come along and want to know as well. I understand that you have male lines and female lines due to the two being judged differently. But what are the differences between male line birds and female line birds. And what happens when you breed a male line to a female line? Do you get a bird that is not good for anything?


  • We have a quite lengthy thread on this somewhere here, I will try to find it and bring it back up.
  • Ok thanks thank will be great
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  • Jw u want to send me that one on the bottom
  • when breeding ,male or female lines you will get birds that are no good too any one. in some lines you can get good males and females ,mostly these lines are solid colors. when picking breeder birds.try to get the best get you can .and stick with will need to know the diff. between male and female lines. because crossing them together usally the outcome is not good.
  • When breeding a male trying to get good females u want the males to have long or short backs?
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  • JW- those two pics are very helpful.
  • Thanks for pics JW
  • Thank you for posting pics I'm more of a visual learner and I've read it in the standard but it just wasn't that clear to me. I really do appreciate all the feedback I know I ask a lot of questions on here and I really do appreciate the help. I just hope to do things the right way.
  • Mr. Hymer I really like the female line bird you post. I hope to have some like that one day !!! Great birds.
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