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I've been raising chickens for almost 4 yrs now as a way of dealing with my PTSD from Iraq. I recently bought a pair of Opals at the Anderson show. I'm really interested in getting into this and I'm wanting to know about what do I need to know to get into it. I really like my opals but I've always had a thing for blues as well. I guess my question is what do I need to do to get started, I did order a book of standards but it's still a little bit Greek to me right now. Also how much is too much starting out? I have the space and small pens for multiple pairs just don't want to get in over my head, and don't want to do something wrong where I get looked at like a idiot either. Thanks for any future advice


  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    Thank you for for service sir
  • Start slow one or two varieties at most. If they are both Old English study the standard for type. With only one breed you only have to learn and understand one standard as with both varieties type should be the same. Then study the standard for the variety. My general rule of thumb is hatch what you have room for. In other words if you only have room for raising 25 babies don't hatch 26. This is a great sight to ask questions. The people are most helpful. There are many threads and with a little digging, you can probably find answers to every question you have. Thank You for your service in our military and welcome to this great and relaxing hobby. You are amongst friends here.
    Wayne kjundog Melancon
  • Thanks for defending me and my family.
  • Adding to what Kdog said, I would recommend going to some shows to see what good birds in the variety you want to raise look like. Then buy the best breeders you can afford to start with. Good luck!!
  • Ok Thanks so much for the input, I only have the one pair right now I did see that there is another show in Anderson, SC next month. I live in Easley, SC so I'm not that far away I'm hoping to get to go and spend most of the day there this time. I've been to it a few times before just never got to talk to anyone before. This last time I brought my 4 y/o daughter with me and she got bored pretty fast so I'm hoping to go this time and spend a little more time there and maybe get another pair of opals and maybe a pair of blacks if the price is right. But thanks again I'm actually at work right now reading the standards book so I'll be sure to take the advice to heart.
  • I like others wish to THANK YOU for the service and protection of our country!
    I do hope you find the Old English to be helpful with your condition and if you become a chickenoholic it is a very tough addiction to break. LOL
    Good luck on finding good ones and breeding and showing them.
    Bill Trammell
  • Thanks for your sacrifices to keep our freedom!
    Best of Luck with your chickens. I'm concentrating my efforts to raising and showing Crele Old English. I have kept over the yrs many types of chickens and ended up with high feed bills and lots of culls. My suggestion is pick one or two varieties buy the best you can get and focus on them.
    Good Luck.
  • Thanks Bill and Hedgeapple, I've been a chickenholic for a few years now just have a direction to go in now, lol.
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  • clcolli I glad you like the Opals they are a up and coming variety, there should be quite a bit of competition in your area
  • Thank you sir, I've been reading some of the discussions on the opal thread. It is very impressive to see the first opal that you have. Just out of curiousity what year was it hatched? I also saw a picture you had of a opal cock and a opal/black split hen. With the opal being a mutation of the black is it beneficial to breed opals with blacks? Thank you again
    Lewis Collins
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