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When do you guys start with artificial lights to get hens in the laying mode??


  • I like to start getting eggs about the 3rd week of January so I turn light on January 1st.
  • Cool thanks for the info
  • How many hrs do you turn them on for?
  • I like to run 12 hrs on lighting so I can turn the lights off sooner in the spring, a slow transition (1/2 to 1 hr a week) on and off to help prevent molts.
    Start lighting in the early am so the birds roost naturally in the evening, that will reduce stress.
    Start your cocks on lights a week before your hens, it takes them a bit longer to get fertile, the hens will need about 2-3 weeks to start to lay.
  • I have my lights on a timer that comes on in the morning and goes off after good daylight so the birds go on the roost at night. About 12-13 hrs of light.
  • Thanks fellas I used to do the lights like we've been talking about but 5 yrs away from them I've forgotten a lot of the little details.
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