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how many birds do you breed a year?

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Just curious how many birds do you like to breed per year and how many of those do you like to keep? Thanks


  • Breed or hatch? I hatched 65 chicks from 8 hens and 4 cocks. Keep 4 cockerels to show.
  • Yeah hatch thanks. I heard that if you can keep 6 birds a year your doing good but I would imagine its different for everyone thank you
  • I have had a couple years that I only keep 1 bird, and that's what I brought to the show. People laughed at me when I would show up with 1 bird, but there's no need to feed a bird that you don't like. It only takes 1 to win a show and I have won show champ when I only had

  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    TO MANY.
  • I agree Tracy way to many, last year was close to 400 hatched maybe even 500. This year I started single mating more , now that I have the Numbers to pick from. Will probably still hatch 400-500 Buffs this year as to move them forward I will have to have a good selection
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    I like my breeders this year. Won't hatch as many. Around 30 Brownreds,30 Female line BB's. 30 Columbians and about 30 ea. Birchen, Birchen Black X back. and Birchen Brownred X back. Oh, and just a few Wheatens. So hopefully 200 max. By end of April. Then shut it down and raise them out. Cot about 6 dozen eggs in the bator right now The son will be pushing his Kelsos and Thompson Valley Wingates this year. Just got a new trio from Mr. Blevin a couple weeks ago.
  • I hope to hatch 10 out of my trio of creles. If I don't raise any show worthy I will raise 20 next yr. I can't have roosters here but am able to get by with one. If I get any promising cockerals I'll split them with my Buddy for keeping them 4 me.
  • I raise about 100 to 125 birds each year and end up keeping about 10 or 12.
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