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  • Are you buying a new incubator
  • No... might be going back to more engineering activity from the looks of things. Something I slowed way down on for more time around here. Have yet to decide for certain but may be getting out due to time and physical constraints.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    edited January 2016
    Cjarvis, My wife said no, lol, but I'd be interested in some more details
  • Clink
    These incubators are quite large with side draft fan extremely tight temp control no adjustments possible. Temperature fluctuation has been no more than 3/10 of a degree from on to off and heat disapation. Johnson controls humidity controller. 8 trays each hold 110 eggs.
  • Auto turner of course. 2.5 ft wide 5.5 ft tall and 4ft deep.
  • What brand are they?
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    edited January 2016
    sounds nice, not sure it would fit in my vehicle. That's twice as big as I need right now, but I do have 81 birds, with 45 hens in my yard bird flocks. I think I have it setup to trade some chicks for feed at the feed store.
  • Nature form
  • Looking for some bb reds.
  • edited March 2016
    Just got threw counting and I have way to many pullets to breed in brown reds . I have several of the strait Sammy Stewart's for sale these are really to nice to kill . There are $50 each plus the ride. Can text pic. 205-908-4998
  • I'm selling everything that's left over. One large incubator a few Brower metal brooders some conditioning pens and whatever else is here. Contact me if your interested.
  • Are you getting out Carl?
  • For the time being. I'm taking on a large project so expect to return in 3 1/2 to 5 yrs. I'm being very careful about where my birds go so I can get some back after putting so much time and effort into them.
  • I don't blame you for being careful about where your birds go. Good luck on your project!
  • Cjarvis still have any good one left?
  • edited March 2016
    I still have a few
    Thank you Barry it's a considerable undertaking but will be worth it at the end of the day
  • I have a very nice trio of Male line creles for sale.. the male I have been showing and been doing good with. Any more questions pm
    5312 x 2988 - 5M
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Thats a very nice looking male..If i only lived closer and had the room..LOL
  • I can ship lol
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
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