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  • Black and white Wyandotte s for sale.Jimmy Rust. 817 2307128
    4128 x 2322 - 3M
    4128 x 2322 - 3M
    4128 x 2322 - 3M
    4128 x 2322 - 3M
  • This cock and 3 of his brothers need a new address the others are in molt but are very similar. They have 7 days to find an address. Pm or call if interested.
    2236 x 2236 - 3M
    2236 x 2236 - 3M
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Good body and color...Someone should jump on your offer
  • Love them Dottes. Your making me want some when I should actually be cutting back. LOL
  • Looking for show quality BB Reds. Call or text 325-338-8177
  • ArmstrongOEGBArmstrongOEGB Coldwater, Michigan
    edited October 2015
    Have a female line ginger red hen for sale, will throw in a cockerel. Nothing wrong with them, just don't have the room for them, with the right male she will produce some nice pullets, message me for more details. This is the same hen, she is rough right now because she is in molt.
  • ArmstrongOEGBArmstrongOEGB Coldwater, Michigan
    Hen to post above.
    2560 x 1536 - 2M
    2560 x 1536 - 2M
  • Have several BB Red Female line OE for sale if interested you can call 256-587-6449. birds have not been picked over.
  • Where are you located kcbantam?
  • with a 256 area code that would be northern parts of alabama.
  • edited October 2015
    Guys I have a surplus of quality crele cockerels for sale . They are female line mostly and there sister have been b.v. Several time this year already. There $50 each .
  • Here one of them I just dubbed
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • I recently brought out fields and proctor of creles.. I have a few select male I will be saleing. If anyone is interested pm on here or email me at
  • I have some extra brown red males. Just have too many to use. If anyone is interested let me know. 580 367-0078
    1103 x 1096 - 386K
  • Incubator for sale. 2 tray with manual hand crank Turner , hatching tray works good could use anew heating coil . $175.00 might consider trade
    3006 x 5344 - 4M
    3006 x 5344 - 3M
    3006 x 5344 - 3M
    3006 x 5344 - 4M
    3006 x 5344 - 7M
  • I'm looking for one or two crele pullets or hens, brood quality, if anyone has some to spare.
  • I can spare a couple there $50 each plus the ride.
  • I have two 880 egg incubators available if anyone can use one or both feel free to call. 405 878 6381
  • I am looking for an incubator Carl but not that much of one! If I had that I would be in the poultry hatching business and overrun with chickens in no time!
  • This one of the joys of having cut back so much. I have 6 empty pens with no intentions of filling them and the ability to get she'd of these two
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