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Which incubators did you use this year and were you satisfied with it?


  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I used a GQF Model #1202, I have had for several years and am very pleased with it. I also used a Hova-bator Mod.#1602N and for an economical incubator, it also performed well. But I only used these for incubation, I have a hatcher that is home-made that I transfer all my eggs to when its time for them to hatch. I figured up my egg to hatch ratio and with both incubators figured I have had a 79% hatch this season so far.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    hey scratch one more time, what kind do you have. just a joke. gqf for me to.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    LOL, that is crazy....I dont know what I did? I guess I was trying to get my point across..haha
  • adminadmin Durant, OK
    Sorry guys. I cleaned up.

    Like I had said on another post, I have a Dickey Incubator. I love it. Super reliable and great customer service. It's a little older so I have had to change a few parts.
  • I have a 30 year old GQF 1202 that I use as a hatcher and a new GQF 1500 that I incubate my eggs in. I'm thinking of replacing the 1202 with a new Dickey and thats why I've been asking folks who have experience with them to post on here.
  • I have a 1202 GQF incubator, the person before me retrofitted it with digital thermostat, wafer back up, but the digital has never worked for me - electrician couldn't find the problem and GQF was of no help either.
    My 1206 hatcher was retrofitted also and works great. I bought a RX2 this fall intending to have smaller settings and hatch less birds. In the beginning, I was wishing I had never ordered this machine. But now that it and I are on the same page - it is doing exactly what I wanted it to and that is hatch the hard to hatch eggs.

    Lyons isn't the best to help with issues either.
  • I have a 1202 that I set eggs in, and I hatch in styrofoam Hovabators.
  • I had problems with the digital thermostat too. I could never get the incubator up to proper temperature. What I discovered was that the wafer was interferring with it so I took the wafer out and it ran fine.
  • we tried every thing we could think of and finally gave up - we sent parts to GQF for testing and everything came back fine - but it still wouldn't work. As long as it is doing the job with the wafer, I will keep using it. As my hatches get smaller, I will use the RX2 only.
  • I use two large 1800 egg units modeled after Nature form incubators. Side draft fan to blow across the trays evenly. 5 1/2 ft tall, 3 ft wide, 4 ft deep. Automated temp control automated humidity control, auto turner, I love them, save me a great deal of trouble..
  • I use a GQF genesis styrofoam. If it is fertile it hatches. I have 3 of them, iturn my eggs twice a day. For the money it can't be beat.
  • GQF.for the past 2 yrs very satisfied.
  • I use all home made incubators.. LOL no issues here..
  • TIM ive seen pics of them you build some nice ones.
  • Thank u.. my first one i built I was 16 and I made it out of 2 diff size cardboard boxes with crinkled paper in between for insulation and light bulb for heat and a piece of glass slid in the front. It worked.. hatched a few out.. SO in essence as long as u can get the heat and humidity right u can hatch anything no mater how nice the incubator looks..
  • I use 2 Brinsea 190's for incubating and my almost 25yr old Sportsman for Hatching
    I really like the Brinsea's, very easy to clean only thing I would like better on them is a larger hunidy pump to hold more water, otherwise great machines.

  • Brinseas 380 OVA's and roll-X's
  • I use a old 1202 and hatch in the bottom tray but I have been building a hatcher ( if I ever get it done) it should help out with keeping the 1202 cleaner.
  • I use a GQF 1500 for incubation and just bought a Dickey to use as a hatcher. I also have an old GQF 1202 to use as a backup if necessary.
  • Well i just have a old Sears Roebuck Farm Master Four tray that works great for me it about 50+ years old holds temp great but it is heavy about 2 inch thick walls,
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