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Megaspur 2014

adminadmin Durant, OK
edited September 2014 in Somethin' to Crow About
The Megaspur will be held at the Texas All Game Show located at Newcastle, OK. Randy Audrey is the Show Superintendent. He will be getting the details out to everyone shortly.

The total payout will be just over $600. I will post the specific amount later today.

Thank you to all for supporting the Megaspur.


  • The show will be oct the 19th in conjunction with the Texas all game show. Just write down which bird is to be entered in the megaspur and send it in with the Tx all game show. No extra fee just make sure the bird is banded with a megaspur band. James Miller will pick the Megaspur winners after the Texas all game show winners are picked. The payout places will be posted shortly. Thank you for entering the megaspur.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    I won't make it this year as I only have two decent birds and already have two show in October but I hope to make it next year
  • adminadmin Durant, OK
    edited October 2014
    MegaSpur was held today at the Texas All Game Show in Newcastle, OK. We had a total of 32 birds entered. Total purse was $600 with around 2500 legbands sold.

    Top 5 - 1st Place / Texoma Bantams / Brassy Back Pullet / $180
    Top 5 - 2nd Place / Price Family / Brown Red Pullet / $120
    Top 5 - 3rd Place / Texoma Bantams / Black Pullet / $90
    Top 5 - 4th Place / Price Family / Brown Red Pullet / $60
    Top 5 - 5th Place / Cracker Jack Bantams / BB Red Cockerel / $60

    Prolific Exhibitor Award
    Texoma Bantams with 8 entries / $30

    Wearied Traveler Award
    Cracker Jack Bantams clocking 157.85 miles by MapQuest / $30

    Special thanks goes to the Texas All Game Show, Troy Vannoy, Randy Autrey and James Miller for being instrumental in making the MegaSpur happen.

    Ron Smith took pictures of the MegaSpur winners and will be posting soon. Thank you so much too! He was also one of the contenders for the Wearied Traveler Award but missed it by a few miles.

    Thank you to everyone who supported the MegaSpur!
  • Congratulations Troy and all others on these wins!
  • here is the winners
    1860 x 1711 - 1M
    1653 x 1774 - 1M
    1668 x 1777 - 1M
    2384 x 1977 - 2M
    2313 x 1768 - 2M
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Thanks Ron great pictures . Congratulations to the top 5.
  • Great looking BB Red cockerel! Four of the top 5 were females too.
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