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Fall Hatch

edited September 2014 in Somethin' to Crow About
How are everyone's hens laying right now? Mine are not laying at all.


  • I have pullets just starting up and a few hens that are starting in as well. But more birds in molt than anything.
    I plan to kick the incubator up for a bit in another week or two and run it for two months then wait for Jan. to start back up.
  • my pullets are starting to lay and my hens are molting.
  • I prefer not to raise out of pullets.the people that have good cock birds don't raise out of ckls.
  • Mine are finishing up a molt but are not laying. I am want to get a few birds for spring breeders.
  • Funandgames:
    Help me understand your reasoning for not using younger birds. I'm new and just trying to learn.
    It seems to me if the genetics are there age should not affect the offspring. Now I understand with livestock, younger mothers may not milk like an older mother and that can affect the offspring.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    I think fun is saying you never know how a puller or cockerel with molt out to be and you will now what a cock or hen will be like when you breed them
  • I never breed Ckls. I have seen outstanding ckls turn into junk as cocks.Then you have a yrs worth of young from him that will probably be the same way.But if you only want to show ckls that is fine. A ckl will usually not mature enough to show until be is 10 to 11 months old. Then they usually start to molt a little over a yr old. So you have a bird that you can show 3 or 4 months. I have cocks 4 & 5 yrs old that I show.I learned my lesson back in my younger days at age 19 .I had a ckl.that I showed 3 times .He was Show Champion 2 times & Reserve show champion the 3rd time. I thought he was the only bird that I needed to breed.I put 4 hens in 3 pens & switched him every day. I raised around 40 young from them. The ckls started putting in their sickles everyone of them had white in the bottom of their sickles. The old bird was molting at the time .Guess what he came back with white in both sickles. Lost a whole yrs breeding. So never bred from a ckl.since. Have to see what kind of cock he makes.
  • Oh, these were B.B.Reds.
  • Dave Sherril gave me that advice more than once over 40 years ago.
  • Thanks for the replies/info.
  • Hello,
    I am new here, have kept poultry for 30+ years, have only had OEG for a few. I had a question about genetics for Red Blues or is it Blue Reds? Hoping to learn a lot from all you OEG breeders!
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