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good males from a female line

actionjacksonactionjackson Clanton al
edited July 2014 in Somethin' to Crow About
I'll start by introducing myself my name is Blake jackson I've been raising Wheatons for about two years this year is the first time I have raised a decent number of birds the problem is that I have 33 cockreals and 7 pullets so my question to some of u more experienced breeders is can I get show quality males from a female line? Thanks for the help in advance


  • most of the time not, most of the female line males have a different type
  • Thanks for the info being fairly new at this I can use all of it I can get
  • edited July 2014
    On the varieties where the male and the females are a different color and pattern such as wheaten and BB Reds I really doubt that a good female line will produce show quality males. However I have seen it with some of the solid colors like black and white on rare occasions. It is even rarer to see a real quality female from a good male line. This is probably because of what the judges are picking as winning females and has just about become a necessity to breed separate lines for winning males and females. I guess I will get some criticism for making that statement but Oh Well. PLease don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that the birds judges are picking are wrong. It is just that things have changed since the old days which in a way can be a good thing. For as breeders we should be trying to make a better bird.
  • Thanks like I said I m new and I've heard a lot of stuff from a lot of different people since I've got into showing its hard for a newbie to know what to listen to and what not to listen to
  • Just throwing in my two cents. I would say not a good female line is a good female line the color in the male is desireable for female offspring and the type is to produce females as well. run an add for female line wheaton males cheap there is a market for them just look at pics of the week it's dominated by female wheatons often. then call tracy for a pair of male line breeders
  • Ive already got rid of all my cockreals i gave a bunch away to kids tryin to get more kids interested
  • This is the only cockreal i kept
    4160 x 2340 - 4M
  • Nice lookin bird
  • Thanks its really not a good pic of him ill try to get a better one when i get home i think he is a little dark
  • I just thought I would bring this thread back up and hear some others thoughts. I'm the type of person that believes a breeder has to bread specifically for males or females.
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