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Starting a Club / Show in Southeastern Georgia

edited June 2014 in Made from Scratch
There is a group of folks kicking around the idea of starting up a club and hosting a show in South Eastern Georgia. If you may have an interest in joining us with this endeavor please let me know. Trying to get an idea of how many folks in this area South Georgia / North Florida may be interested. Also anyone that may offer any do's or dont's pertaining to the start up and running of a club / show please contact me 904-562-9087. Thanks Randal Hodges


  • Count me in randal
  • What city Randal will it be in.
  • Not really decided yet Colby Jesup , Waycross , Swainsboro still in the planning stages
  • they use to have a show in Thompson, Ga., what happened to it?
  • Make it Statesboro closer for us carolina guys,,,
  • Tater I think the barn they use to have it at got too old Use anymore.
  • Silver2 yall can come down aint that far yall already have established shows and Clubs in the Carolinas lol
  • Colby, what happen to all of their cages? if I was wanting to start a new club, I would check into it or other local clubs for use of theirs until I could do better.
  • They tore the old Thomson showbarn down. There was supposed to be a new barn built but it never happened.
  • We used Newman show cages
  • Btt seeing if there maybe anymore folks interested planning on trying to meet up in the next few weeks contact me or Dixiered if int
  • Randall,
    I can't make the show out there but could put some birds in boxes to help fill the show coops.
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