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Twisted Neck

I have a splash hen who's neck seems to be twisted to were she can't hold it up right and sometimes limits her ability to walk I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what this could be


  • rye neck.i cant help ya fix it tho.
    search previous post here.these guys are a wealth of knowledge.james+2
  • Best to google twisted neck chicken, could be a number of things .too many questions to ask. This should help you.
  • Could be Newcastle disease, it will cause a rye neck and limit a birds ability to walk.
  • Newcastle can affect birds of any age and usually it's the female that show symptoms, several years ago I used to vaccinate for it but not in recent years. Before the post office was shipping adult birds you would have take birds to the airport to ship and they would require birds to be vaccinated for several diseases Newcastle being one of them.
  • Could be Newcastle , could be 4or 5 other things. Some not treatable some treatable.
  • Well she seems somewhat healthy still eating well and no signs of disease in her eyes beak or droppings
  • It could just be an injury.
  • Google........twisted neck chicken
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