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Breeding Pen Question

I am single mating a male over two different females. I rotate the male every day, so he spends every other day with each female. With one of the females, every egg has been fertile for weeks, but I haven't got a single fertile egg out of the other female.

Anyone know what is happening or what I should do differently?


  • If I had this problem I might leave him with the one that is not laying fertile eggs an extra day. I am sure you have cleaned the feathering from around the vents etc.?
  • Bills right but I'd also try putting by himself in between the two days .. That worked for me once ..
  • Good Idea Marvin!
  • I'll try putting him be himself for a day. Thanks for the suggestions!
  • if the female is scared or not used to the male she may be not letting him breed her. seen alot of pullets run for there lives when u put a new male with them. they will set on the roost all day long. then jump down eat real fast then fly back up.
  • I'm breeding one male over three females and switching the male every night and I'm getting fertile eggs. Some females for some reason or another are not "receptive" and will not let the male mate. I have a female that was doing that earlier this year but I'm now getting fertile eggs from her so there is a chance you may get some fertile before the breeding season is over. KY_bbreds you're right females not wanting to mate, they will come down from the roost then fly right back up. I might add that one year I had a male over four females switching him every night and always got fertile eggs, the key is to put all the females in the pen together with the male for a couple weeks or so before splitting them up.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    I've got a male go ing over five and it's firtile
  • I have had several pullets that are un-receptive to good cock birds, I often cure them by placing them in a pen full of cockerels they can wear her out in a week, put her in with a good cock she will squat when he walks by.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    Iv got a female that will fight them male and win
  • If you put her in the pen of cockerels like Carl is suggesting it will most certainly take that fight out of her! She won't feel like messing with the male from then on.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    She's also a show female and I like some fight in the show females cuase they will show better
  • be careful with the show females, damage the comb and she is done for!!!
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    I know but she is the one that won so much she's really nice the male doesn't grab the comb just her neck .iv got one with a tear in the back of her Comb and she got bv over some nice ones in the junior show but that's a junior show
  • What can happen will happen.
  • You want be by yourself naboon many do ..
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    How do you AI then I want some babies out of her badly
  • I had a older hen WOOP a krl once and never did get a chick out of that pen
  • How do you AI then I want some babies out of her badly
    There is a thread here on AI and it has a link to explain everything.
  • Need to get breeder to show you.experience is better that reading instructions.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
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