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Blue Reds



  • Thanks Ernie.
  • Blue Red k still green in the tail.
    3472 x 2604 - 1M
  • Bantamman do u have any blue reds for sale ?
  • This is Lee Waddle aka bantamman on this site, I recently open a new account and will be using my real name for now on. Everything I had available for this year has been sold, after I show a few I may have a pair or two available around March or April of next year.
  • Does anyone have a recent phone number or email for Tommy Taylor of S.C..
  • Makin' Blue Reds.
    3472 x 2604 - 2M
    3472 x 2604 - 2M
  • Lee
    I can only guess here but I assume those are Blue Red sport females under a BB red cock, is the cock out of a Blue Red as well? I have found playing with blue varieties it helps using a base color bird bred from blues with good lacing to help get good lacing of the blue.
    Those are nice sports though, very nice even in color with no black and very little color to feathers. That in it's self will help you.
  • LeeWaddleLeeWaddle S.W. MO
    edited November 2014
    Females are blue red sport, the bb which is a cockerel is out of my blue reds, all bred from the same cock but different hens. In other words the male is half brother to the females. Here's some of what they're out of.
    3472 x 2604 - 2M
    3472 x 2604 - 2M
  • LeeWaddleLeeWaddle S.W. MO
    edited November 2014
  • Full sister to the bb cockerel above.
    2778 x 1855 - 822K
  • Full sisters to the sports pictured above.
    3472 x 2604 - 1M
  • Forgot about this bb pullet, full sister to the sports and blue reds above.
    3472 x 2604 - 806K
  • When breeding Blue Reds together as we all know you should get 50% Blue Red, 25% Blue Red Sport and 25% BB Red, this past spring I got 50% Blue Red Sport and I would say about 30% BB's and 20% Blue Reds. So far all the BB's I have posted on this site have been out of my Blue Reds.
  • Very nice birds Lee, you are on a good path to positive results, line breeding will get you the results you want.
    That cock has great lacing on the blue.
    do they come on good as cockerels or do they need to be cocks before they finish right?
  • Lacing remains good but some as cocks may have a little red ticking on the breast but not bad. Any of the blue reds posted by the bantamman are mine I just decided to start using "real" name on this site.
  • Due to a family medical emergency I'm not sure but I may be taking some to Shawnee next month.
  • LeeWaddleLeeWaddle S.W. MO
    edited November 2014
    Good luck.
    I quit relying on luck 30 years ago now I just rely on my skills as a breeder.
  • There is always luck involved in raising poultry, no matter how long you raised chicken. Good luck to all.
  • I always wished that I was born lucky in stead of so dam good looking but I just found out that I aint all that good looking ether, Dam! the luck
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