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Cooping out Early ( What is the right time to box up )

I am just wondering why at the last couple shows that I have attended ( both 1 and 2 day shows) that Before the Judges could finish picking the show champions that the OE section has boxed up and out the door? I just witnessed this the past week end that after the OE top 5 was picked the judge had to go to SCCCL and was still judging 2 isle over cages where empty and birds out the door. Everyone is so busy that the 2 day shows are just given a bad wrap , what happened to the camaraderie of the showing birds and spending time talking to folks. Is it that we are just so dang competitive that if we don't win we get mad and throw our suckers in the dirt? Or is it that we are just bad sports IDK. Nobody likes to loose but everyone cant win. As a group of exhibitors the Old English folks have really gotten a bad reputation for this. I am just wondering what others thoughts are on this. It to me is disrespectful to the Club putting on the show, The Judges and the other folks that are showing. I was actually told by a judge recently that after judging a very large class they went back to pick BV and RV and half the class was already boxed up ( that's just wrong). I can see that after the judging is over going ahead and boxing up, but heck at least stay and show the folks who have won the respect of acknowledging that on this day the Judge thought that there bird was better than yours. If you are that big of a hurry then why don't you just stay home. These are just my thoughts something I had to get off my chest.


  • This is when all the birds get gone !!!!
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I agree randal. I go to the shows to visit with chicken people, show my birds, and most importantly, have a good time. All I can say is come to Oklahoma and show with us. Yesterday at Shawnee I think there was around 400 old English. 2200 birds in the whole show. I don't think a bird left the building until they released them. I'm not saying that they weren't in boxes a few minutes early but I don't think very many if any left early. If they did, I didn't see them. Before I set at a show and worry about the judges hurrying up so I can get back home? X( I'll just stay at home.
  • Put a guard at the door
  • A few years ago I was trying to finish judging and I had to stop people were all over me
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    I would hate that it would have to come to that Hippie. I am just wondering what we are truly showing the YOUTH. Scratch I will make it out there eventually.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Here is a tip that I learned this weekend that I thought was pretty neat. After the judging is done and your birds that will not be going to champion row, slip a zip-tie on the door of the coop. This will definitely detour people from accidently trying to grab the wrong bird.
  • No body wants my culls lol unfortunately someone had a bird disappear this week end, get caught stealing should be arrested on the spot.
  • Banned from the hobby for life I know one that was caught stealing and he is back in the hobby now.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I was at a show in Pryor couple of years back. I believe I showed 4 black pullets. They released the birds and I started loading my birds. After I filled my box full of birds, I noticed the next female in line looked a whole lot like my bird? How can this be? I have a 4 hole box with 4 pullets loaded and 1 of my pullets is still not loaded? I accidently grabbed the wrong bird when I started. Fortunately, I noticed it before I left the barn. I was able to get the extra pullet back in her coop before anyone called the laws on me.LOL... Sometimes I think a lot of birds that are said to be stolen are actually accidently loaded in someone else's boxes with no malice intended.
  • Put posters up with name and photo of person at all the shows.
  • Mistakes happen its what happens after the mistake is discovered is what makes the person.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I left the Texas all game show this year and drove to Norman and grabbed a hamburger. Troy called me and said I left a lemonblue pullet. Not me! I loaded all of my birds. I asked him to read the leg band numbers. Guess what? It was my bird. I went back a picked her up. I'm thankful that they called me. But as I show, I have learned to slow down and make sure everyone is loaded up that should be loaded up. I know there will be more mistakes for me to make and I sure don't like making them but I guess that's life and I'm certainly not perfect. LOL...
  • Once, a man "accidentally" boxed one of our Splash cocks up and left his Splash cockerel in the cage several cages away for us to take home. Dad went to his car and got our bird. Didn't ask him. Just went in his box and got him out. This man was well known to do these things but he never messed with ours again. He must have been smarter than he looked.

    As for cooping out early, we are usually one of the last to coop out but at another show several years ago, the show management was tearing the cages down all around our birds. We still attend this show but that was at least as disrespectful as cooping out early.
  • We lock our birds after they are judged. This also helps my son not accidentally get the wrong bird. As far as leaving early I say as soon as your breed is done and no judges in isle then that is green light to leave. As far as to what this is teaching our youth...REALLY your birds just got judged by a paid person to give their opinion and this opinion is never relayed to people with birds in that class. Poultry show judges should have to give verbal reasons as they judge, in my opinion.
  • I zip tie our pens for the same reason. Not so much to prevent theft of our birds, but prevent me or my kids from grabbing the wrong birds. I don't rush when cooping out. Just slow and steady and get it done. if you have to stop and cut open each pen, you are much less likely to make a mistake. My kids coop out their own birds - their boxes are labeled with the birds name and band #, I have taught them to check the band # before putting the bird in.
    I will also say that at the HOTOPA show in Fayetteville, the junior judge stops the entire show, picks the junior show champion and gives a few short reasons for his picks. Not only do the kids get to hear it, but the adults as well. well.
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    I don't know any thing about cooping out but I will say if I had to steal a chicken then you all had best just shoot me and put me out of my miserie
  • I think show management should stop copping out early, shouldn't have to be this way but some people are like little kids and have to have their hand held through the whole process , as of the reason Tracy earlier stated . And I zip tie my cages because I've seen a lot off birds go missing at shows, and I'm sure no one ever called show management to let them know they pic up wronge bird.
  • I have been to 8 show this year in this area and haven't seen a problem with cooping early but yes at the end of the show especially two show days every body is tired and ready to go home and it does not take long to clear the show area.
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