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A lot of other breeds have their own thread so why not.

Carl, here are a couple pullets I'm putting with that cock bird.
1904 x 2046 - 917K
2048 x 1872 - 943K


  • I still want some White Ones
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  • No JW I don't but :-O :-O
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  • The might have white ones a Marvin
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
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  • LOL

    Truthfully as a kid my papa gave me two Pair of solid white rosecombs .. I had them for several years!! Out of all the Bantams he gave me I think they were my favorite .. I'm 47 years old now but to this day I can still close my eyes and see him handing them to me and telling me to take good and care of them because they were special .. Yep that's it and that's why !! Papa
  • Nice story Marvin
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  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I'd like to buy some silver duckwing rosecombs.
  • I'd like to buy some silver duckwing rosecombs.
    They are out there,
    I keep BB Red, Black and Blue while working on Birchen, Silver Blue and Columbian.
    I think I would place them under both males, it will likely be a little bit till the pullets lay and should give some time for that, It will also add to a bit of diversity which would be a great help. I am glad you got them, and very pleased to have someone else working with them with me. I am also sending a trio to Randall so that will spread them out.
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    I was kinda disappointed that I only seen 4 Rosecombs at Shawnee in the open show.. Rosecombs are one of my favorite breeds, & I was hoping to see a few more than I did. It's a must that I get started building new facilities, & when I do, some of them may just be built with intent of housing a Rosecomb or two.
  • Cjarvis could you put some pic of your rosecombs on here.
  • Yes the white ones also have mites Marvin
  • I've still got a couple more black rosecombs pullets I can put with the cockerel. Then I'll wait till the pullets I got from you starts to lay and move him back and forth.
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    Are you going to put some of that blood in your BTB''s
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