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Trouble with rollx incubator

edited April 2012 in Product Reviews
I have started getting poor hatches the past 3 weeks. I use 2 rollx incubators to incubate and a third to hatch. Well long story short I put a probe in all 4 corners of the incubator and found that one corner is reading 3 degrees less than the other 3. The fan seems to be ok. I was wondering is it possible the heating element is not working properly?


  • hmmm maybe to hot on one side..Thats why on those I dont like where they put there wafer. I like mine by the eggs..
  • Thats strange. If its fan circulated, the temperature should be the same throughout the whole incubator. If it is the heating element, then the temperature should still be the same. Is the problem just in one incubator? If so, why don't you switch out the hatcher and use it as an incubator. Is there any obstruction of air flow?
  • yeah but on those roll xs the fans in the dead center and the elements on the outer edge of the heat chamber.....maybe a more powerfull fan to have a better circulation. Hows the vent holes?
  • I dont see any obstruction. I was wondering if the metal heat coil could possibly not heat on part of it. I was not sure how the heat element worked. I will call lyon tomorrow to get there help.
  • if its broke the element will not complete the circuit and wont heat..Its possible its heating hotter on one side over the other. Thats where a better fan comes in.. I would call them they may have and antidote.. lol
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